Our restaurant "La Terrasse des Bovets" is reserved only for guests of the hotel.
In summer the restaurant is on the south facing terrace with panoramic views of the 3000 Glacier. In winter the restaurant is in the dining room near the fireplace.

Apart from the half board, you have the choice of the retaurant menu of our proposals:

- The specialty: The cornettes of the cottage at the Pillon, 25 francs (minimum 2p) , cornettes cooked in a chicken broth, with sliced ​​onions, diced ham, double cream, grated gruyere and chives.
- Fondue des Diablerets, 230 grs / p (minimum 2p) 25 frs, half-half gruyere-vacherin with Chasselas wine from Yvorne
- Pillon Salad 12 frs, green salad, soy sprouts, mushrooms, grated carrots, endives, Chinese cabbage
- Soup of the cottage 12 frs, milk, double cream of Gruyère, vegetables, parsley, beef broth, cornettes.
- Cold plate, 16 frs, Graubünden dried meat, Black Forest smoked ham, sweet gruyère and salted gruyère, Diablerets beef salami and gherkins
- Cheese tart and green salad 15 frs
- Flamenkuche 14 frs, Alsatian flambé tart with cream, onions, diced bacon
- Cheese crust 17 frs - Cheese crust with an egg and ham 23 frs
- Minestrone 12 frs Italian soup of unmixed vegetables
- Greek tomato salad 12 frs
- 2 eggs with cheese and chives 14 frs
- Egg tagliatelle with tomato sauce or carbonara 18 frs
- Spaghetti with tomato sauce or pesto 18 frs
- Fagottini with raw ham 22 frs, ricotta and ham sauce, parmesan sauce
- Fagottini with truffle taste (minimum 2p) 25 frs, with ricotta flavored with truffle, truffle sauce and Parmesan cheese
- Ravioli triangles with truffles (minimum 2p) 25 frs Parmesan sauce
- Milanese risotto (minimum 2p) 23 frs with zucchini and sliced ​​onions
- Cheese risotto (minimum 2p) 15 frs
- Risotto with mushrooms (minimum 2p) 23 frs
- Fillet of trout with almonds 32 ​​frs and romanesco vegetables and rosti
- Fillet of sea bream with lemon sauce 32 frs and romanesco vegetables and rosti
- Lamb with lemon confit (minimum 2p), 32 frs, pieces of lamb cooked with tomatoes, carrots and candied lemon, napkin with couscous semolina