Our restaurant "La Terrasse des Bovets" is reserved exclusively for hotel guests.

In summer, the restaurant is on the south-facing terrace with a panoramic view of Glacier 3000. In winter, the restaurant is in the dining room near the fireplace.

In addition to half-board, you can choose from our menu proposals

- Speciality: Cornettes du chalet à la Pillon, 25 frs (minimum 2p): Cornettes cooked in chicken stock, with chopped onions, diced ham, double cream, fondue cheese and chives

- Diablerets fondue, 25frs

230 grs/p (minimum 2p) half and half, with Yvorne wine

- La Salade du Pillon 12 frs. green salad, bean sprouts, mushrooms, grated carrots, endives, Chinese cabbage

- La Soupe du chalet 12 frs, milk, Gruyère double cream, vegetables, parsley, beef broth, cornettes.

- Cold plate 16 frs, dried meat from Grisons, smoked ham from the Black Forest, sweet and salted Gruyère and gherkins.

- Cheese tart and mixed Pillon salad. 15 frs.

- Flamenkuche, 17 frs, Alsatian tarte flambée with cream, onions, lardons

- Croute au fromage, 20 frs.

- Minestrone 12 frs Italian unblended vegetable soup.

- Egg tagliatelle with tomato sauce 18 frs.

- Fagottini with cured ham 22 frs, ricotta and cured ham sauce, tomato and parmesan sauce.

- Risotto Milanese style (minimum 2p ) 23 frs with zucchini and sliced onions

- Fillet of trout with almonds, romanesco vegetables and rostïs. 32 frs ( minimum 2p.)

- Lamb stew with lemon confit (minimum 2p), 32frs. pieces of lamb cooked with tomatoes, carrots and lemon confit, served with couscous semolina.